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Two videos on my YouTube channel on foundations of statistical physics:
  • Why nobody understands thermodynamics. A very basic introduction to thermodynamics focusing on equilibrium states and criticizing the use of the first and second laws as the bases of thermodynamics. 
  • Two notes on foundations of statistical mechanics. A proposal to define entropy and prove irreversibility in an objective way, without referring to micro- and macro-scales. Irreversibility is the result of rare fluctuations and is not necessarily related to the scale o the micro- or macroscopic nature of observers. 

My friends at SISSA made this nice video and interview in summer 2019.

A seminar on irreversibility and dissipation at Quarantine Thermo. 


Collisional reservoirs. What is heat and what is work? Which is the state of a molecule coming from an equilibrium gas: wave or particle? These questions arise when analyzing a quantum system that interacts sequentially with a reservoir. See our last PRXQ and our seminar at ICMM

Thermodynamics of Information. What is information from a physical point of view? What fluctuation theorems tell us about the Maxwell demon and the relation between entropy and information. 

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